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Endurance sports drink


Consume in the days or hours before endurance exercise

Low carb, natural tasting hydration drink which delivers the 6 essential electrolytes to maintain and optimise hydration before endurance exercise.

Prodrate helps to prevent cramps, assists muscle function and improve overall endurance performance.

Get Hydrated


Consume during endurance exercise

Containing an optimal ratio of 2:1 glucose to fructose it maximises carbohydrate absorption during endurance exercise.

With the option of a great tasting sports drink or energy gel, Produrance has been formulated with 20% more electrolytes to prevent dehydration and delivers 50% more carbohydrates per hour.

Fuel Up and Hydrate



Consume after endurance exercise

Procover accelerates recovery and improves subsequent exercise performance by rapidly replenishing carbohydrate stores, limiting post exercise muscle damage, optimising rehydration and enhancing immune function.

The unique formulation allows athletes to individualise their post exercise nutritional intake based on their body weight to maximise recovery.

Recover faster