Anti Doping Policy

Pro4mance employs a strict anti-doping policy and is committed to deliver the highest quality products, which meet all the requirements from The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), The International Olympic Committee (IOC) & The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) while maintaining the recommendations of the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code

All Pro4mance products have been HASTA Certified and have been developed and formulated with ingredients that are NOT included on the 2017 Prohibited Substances List from WADA & ASADA. Pro4mance constantly monitors every update WADA & ASADA release regarding Prohibited Substances to ensure our products meet their requirements.

Pro4mance has developed and implemented a comprehensive process which involves multiple measures to guarantee our products quality. These measures include a comprehensive cleaning processes to ensure our product lines and all machinery meet our strict standards. We only use ingredients from reputable manufactures that guarantee their product content and manufacture all of our products in approved facilities within Australia. Following the manufacturing of all of the Pro4mance products, we have micro bacterial and product testing to guarantee product stability and ingredients label claims. Our strict quality control is implemented at all stages of the manufacturing process through BRC and HACCP based food safety programs.