We’re 4:30am starts. We’re sacrifice. We’re grin and bear it. We’re the extra 10% that others won’t do. We’re hard work. We’re Pro4mance endurance sports nutrition.

about-drinkingWhen we first started Pro4mance we wanted to make the highest quality, research proven products, using only premium ingredients, which tasted amazing and were all made in Australia. We also wanted to build a brand that athletes could trust and be confident to use every single day without having to pay a fortune for. With our goals in mind, we set out to achieve them and have done just that.

Today, all of the Pro4mance products are made in state of the art facilities in Australia, using premium grade, natural ingredients that not only taste amazing, but have the exact right texture and consistency. We have had the entire Pro4mance product range HASTA certified, and we test every single product batch to give athletes the confidence that our products do not contain any WADA banned substances.

The Pro4mance business model is straight forward, we manufacturer our products and sell directly to customers (athletes), allowing us to remove the distributors and retailers and keep the prices as low as possible while ensuring we do not compromise on quality. We believe the cost of sports nutrition products in Australia has become out of hand, the big international brands have pushed up the price of products just to line their pockets and help finance their big marketing budgets, so we are sticking it to those big brands and saying enough is enough.

The fundamental aspect behind Pro4mance was to create a research proven range of products specifically for endurance athletes. Through the years of working with athletes and sports dietitians, we have learnt there is no one perfect way to hydrate and fuel everyone, and that every athlete uses nutrition in a different way depending on their own individual requirements. This knowledge has helped us create a range of products which can be used in a modular format to meet any athlete’s needs. With every ingredient backed by science, it’s not always about what we put into our products, but also what we leave out.

Our Pro4mance journey continues with ongoing product development and testing, lead by athlete feedback, race analysis and research. We hope that every Australian endurance athlete embraces our products while enjoying the benefits of low cost sports nutrition delivered straight to their door.