3 Quick Tips for choosing the right helmet

1. Make sure it fits correctly Measure your head using a flexible tape measure around the largest portion of your head—about 2.5cm above your eyebrows. Or, use a string or ribbon to measure around your head, then measure the length […]

3 Quick Tips for Staying hydrated in Summer

1. Use an Electrolyte hydration drink Electrolyte hydration drinks, such as Prodrate allows the body to hold more water and keep your body sufficiently hydrated 2. Take enough water or know where you can get more while out training If possible […]

3 Quick Tips to improve your running

1. Improve your pelvic stability Specific core stability exercises or pilates is a great way to improve your Gluts and Core muscles. Remember a strong core makes for a good stable running base, plus it can help reduce the chance of […]

3 Quick Tips for easier travel while racing

1. Hydrate correctly If you are travelling via a plane, planes can be very dehydrating due to the constant air conditioning and heating, so make sure you drink enough water and use an electrolyte drink to help keep fluid within […]

3 Quick Tips for a better Recovery

1. Have your Recovery Drink ready to go and drink within 15mins of finishing Studies show having a recovery drink which contains carbohydrates and proteins within the first 15 mins after exercise improves your recovery significantly. So drink up that […]

3 Quick Tips to make your transition quicker

1. Practice, practice, practice! Practice makes perfect. So make sure you include in your training sessions 2. Use elastic laces Easy to slip on and not have to fuss about with laces. Just make sure they are not too loose […]

3 Quick Tips on what to eat before a race

1. Keep it simple Make your food easy to prepare, or have it ready to go the night before. You don’t need a fancy meal to get the nutrients and energy you need to have a successful race 2. Eat […]

3 Quick Tips to reduce injuries

1. Strengthen your muscles Don’t just train in the one activity. Constant wear to the same muscles and joints can increase injury risk so make sure you mix it up. Do pilates, go to the gym, incorporate exercises to help build […]

3 Quick Tips to get your Nutrition spot on

1. Plan ahead Make a nutrition plan in advance. Practice what you think will work and alter it as necessary until it works for you. Then stick to it! 2. Use your nutrition in training the way you will while […]

3 Quick Tips for staying hydrated in winter

1. Drink enough water This can be tricky in winter as you may feel less thirsty due to the cold, but it’s vital you continue to get in plenty of H2O 2. Use an Electrolyte hydration drink This will assist […]

3 Quick Tips for a better Triathlon Race

1. Get your nutrition spot on Plan out and stick to your nutrition plan. Do this effectively by practicing in training and know what works for you 2. Practice your transitions It’s part of the race many people forget about, […]

Challenge Shepparton: Your Race Day Nutrition Plan

With Challenge Shepparton just 4 weeks away we thought we would give you some nutrition guidelines and advice for your race day nutrition. Read on to find out how to get the most out of your race day nutrition Every […]