3 Quick Tips to get your Nutrition spot on

1. Plan ahead

Make a nutrition plan in advance. Practice what you think will work and alter it as necessary until it works for you. Then stick to it!

2. Use your nutrition in training the way you will while racing

You would never wear new runners to race in before wearing them in first, so why fuel your body in a way you have never practiced before? This could lead to gastrointestinal upsets, cramping, bonking…everything you do not need!

3. Know what is in your Nutritional products and how to use them correctly

It’s important to understand how much carbohydrates you are consuming per hour, that you are taking in enough water and electrolytes and that when it comes to recovery you are using a product that is made for the sport you are competing in. Get some help from a Sports Dietitian if you are unsure.

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