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We have moved this batch of energy bars to clearance and made them $1ea.

We never like our customers purchasing products unknowingly with a short best before date. So we have moved all of our Produrance Energy Bars to clearance. These energy bars were from our very first batch, so we added a short best before date, but they have shown no signs of changes so we will be extending the next batch best before date another 6 months. This means you can get these clearance energy bars and still expect the fanastic taste, texture and flavour of the energy bars. Get in quick as these prices are only available while stock lasts

These energy bars do no have an expiry date, but have a best before of:

Peanut Butter & Berry : 22 December 2017
Apricot : 22 December 2017

No Further discounts apply.


Produrance Energy Bars contain a complex ratio of carbohydrates specifically developed for endurance athletes. Consisting of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates for instant energy and slowly absorbed carbohydrates to provide sustained energy release, Produrance Energy Bars will meet all your fuelling requirements.

Developed to be easily and quickly chewed, Produrance Energy Bars have been formulated with all natural ingredients, cut into optimal sizes and bound together with ingredients to ensure a soft, moist, easy to chew texture

Produrance Energy Bars allow athletes to customize and individualize their nutritional requirements as they can be consumed in any combination with Produrance Sports Drink or Produrance Energy Gels

Your performance matters, so dig deeper

Mixing Instructions

Consume 1 bar during every 20 minutes during exercises with 150-250ml of water. EnergyBar_MixingInstructions Train your Stomach

Consuming 90g of Carbohydrates per hour can be very difficult for some untrained athletes. For this reason we recommend you train your stomach. Follow this simple 6 week training program below to help train your stomach to absorb 90g of Carbohydrates per hour. Week 1-2 : consume 60g (2 servings) per hour during every hour of training Week 3-4 : consume 75g (2.5 servings)per hour during every hour of training Week 5-6 : consume 90g (3 servings) per hour during every hour of training. You are now ready to consume 90g (3 servings) of carbohydrates per hour every hour of competition.

Nutritional Information



Brown rice syrup, wheat flakes (wheat 99%, salt, niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, folate), oatmeal, oat bran, rolled oats, dates (dates, oil), diced dates, (dates, rice flour), sugar, choc compound 5% (sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder, milk solids, emulsifiers (soy lecithin), flavour), wheat puffs (whole wheat flour >80%, sugar, vitamin E), cocoa powder 3%, sunflower oil, natural flavours, honey EnergyBar_Apricot_NutritionPanel  


Brown rice syrup, wheat flakes (wheat 99%, salt, niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, folate), rolled oats, oatmeal, apricots 10% (apricots, rice flour, sulphur dioxide), oat bran, dates (dates, oil), sugar, wheat puffs (whole wheat flour >80%, sugar, vitamin E), sunflower oil, honey. *Contains Honey, Not suitable for Vegans EnergyBar_PeanutButterBerry_NutritionPanel  


Brown rice syrup, wheat flakes (wheat 99%, salt, niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, folate), oatmeal, rolled oats, oat bran, cranberries 8% (cranberries, sugar, vegetable oil), peanut butter 7%, dates (dates, oil), sugar, wheat puffs (whole wheat flour >80%, sugar, vitamin E), sunflower oil, honey, natural flavour *Contains Honey, Not suitable for Vegans

How many Produrance Energy bars do I need to get 90g of carbohydrates?
You would need to consume 3 Produrance Energy Bars to absorb 90g of carbohydrates

Do I need to drink water when I consume Produrance Energy Bars?
We recommend you drink 150-250ml of water per Produrance Energy Bar you consume

What flavours do Produrance Energy Bars come in?
Produrance Energy Bars come in Chocolate, Apricot, Peanut Butter and Berry.

Do Produrance Energy Bars contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives?
No, Produrance Energy Bars do NOT contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

How do I store my Pro4mance Energy Bar?
You should store you Pro4mance Energy Bar in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight

Can I eat Produrance Energy Bars during exercise?
Produrance Energy Bars have been specifically developed for endurance athletes to eat during exercise, they are soft and easy to chew to ensure athletes can consume more filling food while ensuring they maximize their carbohydrate intake.

Is it easy to open a Produrance Energy Bar?
Yes, the Produrance Energy Bars have been made with an oversized wrapper, to ensure the bar can move in the wrapper and the wrapper can be easily ripped open.

Should I eat 3 Produrance Energy Bars per hour if I am also using Produrance Sports Drink?
No, you should only use a maximum of 3 serves per hour of any combination of Produrance Sports Drink, Produrance Energy Gels or Produrance Energy Bars to individualize your nutrition requirements.

Are Produrance Energy Bars Vegan?
No. When the Produrance energy bars were initially created we aimed to make them suitable for Vegans to consume, Unfortunately, in the late stages of development, we needed to add honey to achieve the perfect texture for the energy bars. Now that the Energy Bars contain honey, they are not Vegan.

Why does the packaging state “Vegan Friendly” on it?
Our initial aim was to create a energy bar that all athletes could consume (Vegans Included) unfortunately, to create the best energy bar possible, we had to include a small amount of honey. This was included in the ingredients list but the vegan friend logo wasn’t removed from the packaging. This is something we are aware off and will be addressing in the future


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