Pro4mance New Release: Produrance Energy Bars

Our new Produrance Energy Bars have been a long time coming, but trust me they have been worth the wait! Here at Pro4mance HQ we have spent an enormous amount of time researching, trialing and perfecting our Energy Bars so […]

Prodrate: an intimate look

You love using Produrance during your long training and events but need something that will provide hydration without the added carbs when completing your short sessions or in the lead up to a big race. Well, if you haven’t already […]

The Professional Race

By guest blogger, Professional Triathlete and Prolete Ryan Waddington. Much ado is often made about the unique opportunity Triathlon provides. What other sport allows you to race alongside the best in the world? In my final race as an age […]

How to fuel on a long ride with limited bottles

Ever had the issue of bonking when out on a long ride because you couldn’t take enough bottles of Produrance sports drink? We have put together some handy tips on how to deal with this issue and make sure you […]

Ellie’s Transition Essentials

By guest blogger, Professional Triathlete and Prolete, Ellie Salthouse. With winter training in full swing, I thought I’d write a gentle reminder to practice your transitions. It is a skill most people forget but can be detrimental if ignored, particularly […]

Does a High-fat diet really work for Endurance Athletes?

It has become increasingly common for some endurance athletes to demonize carbohydrates and jump on the high-fat diet, restricting carbohydrates to become ‘fat-burning machines.’ However these diets and ‘gurus’ claims lack substantial scientific evidence, tend to be based on anecdotal […]

Mental Toughness in Elite Sport

By guest blogger, Professional Triathlete and Prolete, Alise Selsmark. ‘To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail’. – Michael Jordan In the past few years of being involved in triathlon; firstly as an age grouper and now as […]

Tips to improve your recovery

When it comes to recovering after training/competing even the smallest thing can make a big overall difference to your body’s ability to recover and how fast your recovery occurs. This can be critical when competing over a course of days […]

A Pro Triathletes tips on Travel

By guest blogger, Professional Triathlete and Prolete, Joel Tobin-White. Whether it’s packed like sardines in a team car; fighting for the arm rest with a stranger on a bus; using quantum physics to solve how your bike bag will fit […]

Hydration in Winter

A common misconception is that dehydration and correct hydration isn’t as important in winter as it is in summer. However you may not realise that your sweat rate and water loss in winter does not dramatically change just because the […]

The importance of having rest days

You may think of having a Rest Day as the ‘soft option,’ a day that makes you lose motivation, unnecessary, or a day you actually hate because you love training so much! But having rest days and an adequate amount […]