Importance of Carbs in Recovery

Most people know how important protein is in recovery and reach for their protein shake straight after their race and training session. But did you know that it is just as important for endurance athletes to also include carbohydrates in their recovery shake?

Research has shown that drinking a recovery shake made up of 50-100g of carbohydrates and 10-20g of protein within 15 minutes of stopping exercise can speed up restoration of body glycogen stores by 4-6 hours therefore having a significant impact on subsequent exercise performance and overall recovery. If you stick to your protein only recovery drink, your body actually needs to work harder to recover it’s glycogen stores as some of the protein will need to be converted by the body to a carbohydrate first therefore slowing the process down.

So this is why Procover, our recovery drink, contains a high quantity of carbohydrates as well as protein allowing our athletes to get the ideal amount into their bodies to assist with a better and faster recovery.

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