An intimate look at Procover Recovery Drink

You have tried Procover, love the taste and can’t get enough of it, but what does it actually do to help your recovery? Here we take an intimate look at Procover, what it has in it and why.

Procover is a delicious recovery drink which accelerates recovery and improves subsequent exercise performance by rapidly replenishing carbohydrate stores, limiting post exercise muscle damage, optimising rehydration and enhancing immune function.

As you may be aware, the aim of a recovery drink is to replenish the body’s stores of glycogen and what has been lost while training and competing.

So with this in mind, Procover contains an advanced combination of simple and complex carbohydrates. This mix stimulates rapid and sustained liver and muscle glycogen replenishment producing accelerated recovery and improved subsequent exercise performance

We have combined carbohydrates with Whey Protein Isolate and Casein protein to provide an instant and sustained release of amino acids within the body to limit post exercise muscle damage, improve muscular repair and overall muscle recovery. Studies have shown that a combined ingestion of glucose and protein increases glycogen re-synthesis and plasma insulin levels in the post-exercise period, accelerating glycogen re-synthesis by 4-8 hours. Simply put, ingesting a combination of carbohydrates and protein post exercise reduces the time it takes for your body to fully recover.

Procover also includes 6 key electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphate, Chloride and Magnesium) in a recovery specific profile which ensures optimal rehydration by restoring intracellular fluid levels required to accelerate recovery.

Specifially, Sodium added to post-exercise recovery drink stimulates thirsts as well as glucose and water absorption in the small intestine, aiding in fluid retention post exercise allowing athletes to rehydrate more quickly and efficiently. Potassium assists in recovery by reducing intracellular dehydration. Calcium is a vital mineral within the body and is involved in a variety of physiologic processes associated with energy metabolism and muscle contraction. Procover is formulated with Calcium to replace what has been lost over the course of exercise.

Procover also includes Vitamin C and Glutamine, with both assisting in supporting the immune system post exercise.

So how do you use Procover?

Our unique formulation allows athletes to individualise their Procover intake based on their body weight to assist in maximising recovery.

For the average 65-75kg athlete we recommend mixing 3 level scoops (90g) of Procover into 600ml of water, shake until completely dissolved and drink within 15 minutes following exercise. Each tub of Procover comes with a table on scoop to weight ratios to make it easy for you to use (this table is also available on our website Procover product page).

Procover contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is available in two delicious flavours, Chocolate and Vanilla Coconut.

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