Injury Return Nutrition

By guest blogger, Accredited Sports Dietitian, Andrew Hall Did you know that it takes three times more energy to cover the same distance on crutches as it does compared to walking normally? If you have ever experienced a sporting injury, […]

The Forgotten Supplement, SLEEP

By guest blogger, Accredited Sports Dietitian, Andrew Hall When chasing health and performance improvements, staying up well after dark, neglecting sleep, scrolling through pages of #instafood and #motivationalmemes makes about as much sense as using chop sticks to eat an […]


By guest blogger Accredited Sports Dietitian, Andrew Hall WHAT IS A MUSCLE CRAMP A muscle cramp is a sudden, involuntary, painful contraction of a muscle. These symptoms typically ease off within minutes but are often accompanied by a palpable knotting of […]

Are low carb, high fat (LCHF) diets suitable for athletes?

By guest blogger, Coach and Advanced Sports Dietitian, Alison Patterson LCHF diets are a hot topic in the sports nutrition world at the moment. Pick up a popular magazine, watch the TV or scan the internet and you’re likely to […]

Getting the most out of evening training sessions

By guest blogger, Coach and Advanced Sports Dietitian, Alison Patterson Most triathletes will complete more than one training session a day and usually at least one of these sessions is in the evening. To get the most out of your evening […]


By guest blogger Accredited Sports Dietitian, Andrew Hall. INTRO Probiotic supplementation is gaining more traction in sporting circles due to suggested benefits on health, immune strength and exercise performance. Probiotics are classified as live microorganisms that provide a health benefit to […]

3 Quick tips for a better cycling race

1. Get your nutrition spot on Plan out and stick to your nutrition plan. Do this effectively by practicing in training and know what works for you 2. Train how you will race How can you expect to race a […]

When ASADA comes knocking

Age-group Triathlete, Renee Kiley, never expected to be drug tested by ASADA, but it is now becoming more common for ASADA to not only test professional athletes, but amateur athletes as well. Here is Renee’s story on what happened the […]

3 Quick Tips for choosing the right helmet

1. Make sure it fits correctly Measure your head using a flexible tape measure around the largest portion of your head—about 2.5cm above your eyebrows. Or, use a string or ribbon to measure around your head, then measure the length […]

An intimate look at Produrance Energy Bars

Have you got on the #Barup bandwagon yet? If you haven’t tried our Energy Bars yet then you are missing out! Here we take a look at why they are so good, what they have in them and why and […]

3 Quick Tips for Staying hydrated in Summer

1. Use an Electrolyte hydration drink Electrolyte hydration drinks, such as Prodrate allows the body to hold more water and keep your body sufficiently hydrated 2. Take enough water or know where you can get more while out training If possible […]

An intimate look at Procover Recovery Drink

You have tried Procover, love the taste and can’t get enough of it, but what does it actually do to help your recovery? Here we take an intimate look at Procover, what it has in it and why. Procover is […]