Training with limited bottles

When you are going for a long ride and you have a limited amount of water bottles,
you can have difficulty fuelling and hydrating yourself. Here are some training tips some
of our Pro’s have told us about how to solve this problem.

Concentrated Bottle:

Combine 3-4 hours of Produrance into one bottle. This will make the bottle
highly concreted but what it allows you to do is slowly sip on the concentrated
bottle throughout the ride while using another bottle which is full of water to
wash the concentrated bottle down. When you stop you can easily refill the
water bottle and continue to ride without having to measure and mix another
bottle of Produrance.

Use Produrance Energy Gels:

1 Produrance Gel is equivalent to 1 serve of Produrance. Consuming between 1-3
Produrance Energy Gels per hour depending on your energy/electrolyte demands
will give you all your required nutrition while allowing you to drink water
throughout your ride. You can quickly and easily fill your bottles up when you
stop and then start riding again.

Carry Produrance in a small container:

Depending if you use 1, 2 or 3 serves per hour of Produrance. You should pre
measure the quantity you require into small containers which you can quickly
pour and mix into your water bottle when you stop to refill.

Carry Extra Bottles:

You can purchase bottle holders that attach onto your seat post/saddle which
allow you to carry an extra 2 bottles. This is greater for long ride when you
don’t have a chance to stop and refill bottles.

Use 800ml Bottles:

If you know you are going to a long ride you should use 800ml bottles instead
of 650ml bottles. This will allow you to carry a greater amount of water and
continue to hydrate yourself for longer.

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