Pro4mance New Release: Produrance Energy Bars

Our new Produrance Energy Bars have been a long time coming, but trust me they have been worth the wait!

Here at Pro4mance HQ we have spent an enormous amount of time researching, trialing and perfecting our Energy Bars so that they not only meet our high standards in nutrition but also meet the needs and feedback of athletes, plus they taste amazing too!

So what makes our Produrance Energy Bars so special?

Our Produrance Energy Bars contain a complex ratio of carbohydrates specifically developed for endrance athletes. Consisting of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates for instant energy and slowly absorbed carbohydrates to provide a sustained energy release, these Energy Bars are sure to meet all your fuelling requirements. We have developed the bars to be easily and quickly chewed and swollowed (I personally chowed down on a lot of different prototypes to make sure our chew/swollow rate was ahead of all others on the market!). Plus made sure they were forumlated with all natural ingredients, cut into optimal sizes and bound together with ingredients to ensure a soft, moist, easy to chew texture. And just like our other Produrance products, Produrance Energy Bars allow athletes to customize and individualize their nutritional requirements as they can be consumed in any combination with Produrance Sports Drink or Produrance Energy Gels (all Produrance products contain 30g of carbohydrates per serve to make it easy for you to know your carbohydrate intake).

With 3 different delicious flavours available, Chocolate, Apricot and Peanut butter & Berry we know you will find your favourite and love them just as much as our other products.

Check them out here: Produrance Energy Bars 10 Pack

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