Keeping it the same

When I look at the marketing of a lot of the sports nutrition brands, they advertise how they have the ‘special’ combination of carbohydrates and by consuming this combination it will transform you into an elite athlete. But what I find really interesting, and what a lot of people don’t realise, is that that these sports drinks, gels and bars all have different carbohydrate combinations, which then makes me think, well if your ‘special’ carbohydrate combination is so good why haven’t you used it in all of your products? So we did. Our P4Max formulation, a combination of 3 different types of carbohydrates, Maltodextrin, sucrose and fructose, which breaks down at 4 different stages throughout the metabolic process, has been implemented into all of our Produrance products. Studies have shown using the same combination of carbohydrates allows the stomach to be trained and learn to absorb specific nutrients, which can then reduce the chance of gastrointestinal upset. Yes that’s right, just like when you train yourself to focus on short sprint races or long grueling endurance races, you can train your stomach to absorb specific nutrients optimally through repetition and gradual exposure to a constant combination of carbohydrates. (Checkout how by clicking here: ) So by keeping all of our formulations the same we enable an athletes stomach to become familiar with our specific combination of carbohydrates ensuring optimal absorption of the carbohydrates and reducing the chance of any discomfort associated with it.



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