Sponsorship Criteria Summary:
• Athletes must be based in Australia or New Zealand
• Athletes need to have a good understanding of the Pro4mance product range

Must read before applying:

Pro4mance receives 100’s of individual Sponsorship applications every year. We do appreciate and value every application we receive however please understand we can’t sponsor everyone. This is not a personal reflection of you or your achievements, we have specific levels and types of sponsorship’s which may mean, someone else gets a sponsorship but you do not. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, it can take us up to 4 weeks to respond to your sponsorship request. Before you apply, please understand sponsorship is a 2 way street – we give you something – you give us something, and we expect all Proletes to be 100% committed to Pro4mance. We are very passionate about Pro4mance and we want you to be too.

Below we have detailed what is required to be sponsored by us:
In short here is what we are looking for:
• Have a passion for Pro4mance products
• Have a good understanding of the Pro4mance range you use
• Be prepared to work for your sponsorship.

Successful athletes will be required to:
• Understand and use the Pro4mance brand on a regular basis
• Complete frequent and regular social media posts featuring Pro4mance. This includes sharing your experience with our products and why you use them.
• Actively promote Pro4mance to other athletes and your community.
• You must train and/or race with the Pro4mance Logo displayed on your bottles, clothing, helmet, equipment etc where possible.

Individual Sponsorship Terms/Conditions:
• We DO NOT offer monetary sponsorships. If you are seeking monetary support, do not submit a sponsorship application.
• We require that you do not have a concurrent sponsorship with any other nutrition or fueling companies while being sponsored by us.
• An order history will be looked upon favourably as majority of our sales are via our website. We’re looking to sponsor athletes that have a passion for our products with extensive personal experience and results using them.
If you are certain that you meet all of the above criteria, please apply for sponsorship by completing the following form.

Pro4mance Team Application Form