To caffeine or not to caffeine?

It can be a hard and individual choice whether caffeine is right for you while training and racing. So here at Pro4mance we have given the athletes the option to either include caffeine or not via use of our different Energy Gels. Our Berry and Vanilla Energy Gels do not contain caffeine where as our Lemon lime Energy Gel does. In the near future we will be releasing a Latte flavour, which will include a double shot of caffeine.

So what does the research show caffeine actually does during endurance exercise? It has shown that caffeine can increase fat oxidation, sparing endogenous carbohydrates (carbs found within cells) stores thus improving power output especially in the later stages of endurance performance. It can also directly affect the sympathetic nervous system leading to a reduction in fatigue, improve concentration and enhanced mental alertness. However athletes who drink caffeinated drinks regularly tend to experience less benefits from caffeine while exercising. Unfortunately not all of caffeine’s affects are positive and some people experience side effects such as poor sleep, fatigue, gastrointestinal upset, headache, muscle cramps, dehydration and anxiety.

So caffeine may or may not be for you, but we recommended testing the difference in your performance (while in training of course) and then implement and practice what works best for you.



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