Tips to improve your recovery

When it comes to recovering after training/competing even the smallest thing can make a big overall difference to your body’s ability to recover and how fast your recovery occurs. This can be critical when competing over a course of days or weeks and can be the difference between winning or losing.
So what can you do to help improve your recovery?
1. Ensure you are taking in adequate carbohydrates DURING your training/event. This will reduce how much glycogen restoration needs to take place once you have finished. The quicker your glycogen stores restore, the faster your body recovers.
2. Drink a recovery drink that contains BOTH Carbohydrates and Protein. Calculations based on glycogen resynthesis rates in recovery show that it takes 16-20 hours before the glycogen stores are fully replenished after exercise and that co-ingestion of carbohydrates and protein accelerate glycogen re-synthesis by 4-8 hours therefore speeding up your body’s recovery. This is why Procover, our recovery drink, contains carbohydrates as well as protein. Checkout more on Procover here.
3. Getting adequate sleep on a regular basis. This improves recovery by giving the body more time to repair, rest and restore itself.
4. Take your Procover within the first 15 minutes after you stop training/competing. For muscle glycogen recovery, it is recommended that athletes consume 50-100g of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates and 10-20g of protein within 15 minutes of stopping exercise as it has been shown muscle glycogen synthesis is more rapid if carbohydrates are consumed immediately following exercise as opposed to waiting several hours.
5. Take an ice bath for 10 minutes post training/competing. This helps reduce inflammation and improves blood circulation, assisting with muscle recovery.
6. Gentle massage after can improve blood flow, decrease muscle inflammation and relax your body.
7. Hydrate correctly. This means before, during and after. Hydrate with electrolytes and practice how much water your body can comfortably consume while competing. Checkout our  blogs Hydration in Winter , HOW MUCH FLUID SHOULD I CONSUME? and DO YOU WEIGH YOURSELF BEFORE A RACE? for more information on hydrating correctly.
8. Wear compression gear in the hours and days following as this can assist in increasing blood flow, therefore improve removal of waste products and improve recovery.
9. Gentle stretching afterwards is a great way to warm down, assist in muscle relaxation and reduce the chance of injury.
Adding all or even just a few of these tips to your routine can make a big overall difference to your performance. So get training and recover the right way!



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