One of the most important facts I have learnt while working with sports dietitians, athletes and nutrition researchers is that there isn’t one perfect nutrition strategy for everyone. The perfect nutrition strategy is your strategy, which you need to practice and customise specifically for your individual needs and requirements. For this reason we have developed the Pro4mance product range to be flexible and customisable allowing athletes to individualise their nutrition. For example we have athletes that only want to drink water, as they don’t like the taste of sports drink, so we direct them to fuel with our energy gels. The Produrance energy gels contain carbohydrates and electrolytes allowing the athlete to take in the correct amount of Carbohydrates but also replenish electrolytes without having to use a sports drink. Another example is of athletes who don’t like to eat during short/medium length races. For these athletes we encourage them to just use Produrance sports drink, which also contains carbohydrates and electrolytes (the same nutrition profile as our energy gels with both containing 30g of Carbohydrates per serve). The biggest mistake an athlete can make is forcing their body to do something that isn’t natural or practiced to them. Yes, we can assist athletes with optimising and implementing different strategies but at the end of the day you need to listen to your body and individualise your nutrition to your needs and your body’s demands. We created Pro4mance products so athletes could individualise their nutrition in an easy way, to make sure all our athletes will have the endurance edge.



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