Pro4mance New Release: Produrance Energy Gels Latte and Chocolate

When you thought Pro4mance Produrance Energy Gels couldn’t get any better, we have released 2 new awesome flavours, Latte and Chocolate, bringing you more variety and choice!

Our 2 new flavours have the same base ingredients and nutrition profile as our other Produrance Energy Gels, therefore making it easy to incorporate the new flavours into your training and racing.

By adding Latte to our range we will now stock two flavour choices containing caffeine- Lemon lime and Latte. Latte containing double the caffeine (70mg) of Lemon Lime (35mg). Where as Berry, Vanilla and Chocolate are caffeine free, but contain extra Magnesium.

The new gels contain 30g of carbs per serve making it easy for you to determine your carbohydrate intake per hour and to mix the use of any Produrance Energy Gels in with Produrance Sports Drink and Produrance Energy Bars.

Make sure you check them out and get your pack today Produrance Energy Gels 16 Pack

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