Pro Focus: Tips of a Pro Triathlete

Interview with Pro Triathlete and Prolete Ryan Waddington

Ryan began training and competing in Triathlons in 2010 when looking for a new challenge after achieving his dreams of representing NSW at national athletics and cross country in his final year of high school. With lots of hard work and training Ryan had a very successful 2013 and 2014 season where he finished as the first outright amateur in six long course events, including the long distance world championships. From here he took his professional racing license and hasn’t looked back since. We asked Ryan 9 questions about being a Pro, his nutrition and top tips, checkout his answers below.

What is it like being a Pro Triathlete?
Racing professionally is great fun, it is unforgiving but also very rewarding. Triathlon has some way to go to become truly professional but I hope it gets there.

What is your top race preparation tip?
Better to be at 90% fitness and on the start line than at 100% with a fresh injury and watching from the sidelines.

Favourite thing/meal to eat before a big training session or race?
Porridge with sultanas and pecans! On race day it is Vegemite and toast with a bottle of Procover (yes, I use this pre race too).

Do you have a secret tip & what is it?
I’ve been Googling this for years, whilst Lance has a few secret tips the truth is that there is no substitute for consistency over time.

Favourite race to compete in?
Really? Just one? Triathlon has taken me across the globe. From racing through Tour de France type crowds in Spain, over mountains in China and around the outskirts of Las Vegas I couldn’t pick.

Favourite Pro4mance product & why?
Berry Produrance, no question. Many nutritional products in this category are overly sweet by their nature but Produrance manages to get the taste just right.

Favourite thing/meal to eat after a big session or race?
Procover skim milk smoothie with banana, honey and almonds.

What is your top recovery tip?
Eat, and do it quickly after training.

When and where is your next race?
Busselton 70.3, a half ironman in the picturesque and sleepy Western Australian township on May 2nd 2015.

We want to wish Ryan all the best in his upcoming Busselton race and in his future ahead as a Pro Triathlete!

To find out more about Ryan and to follow his Trialthlon journey head to his blog and follow him on Facebook /ryanwaddingtontriathlete and twitter @Waddington_R

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