Myth: Eating healthy means I don’t need sports nutrition products

You eat healthy on a day to day basis so why is it that you then need sports nutrition products to get you through your triathlon, long run or bike ride?

When you exercise, especially over a long period of time, your body burns energy via a number of different systems, which allows your body to keep going. These systems require both fat and carbohydrates to continue working. Unfortunately your body can only store a limited amount of Carbohydrates (stored as Glycogen, you have an semi-unlimited storage of fat) and so as you exercise these stores deplete and need to be restored to ensure you can continue to exercise at the same intensity.

This is where sports nutrition products are important. At Pro4mance, we have formulated our Produrance (or ‘during’) products to specifically contain what you require to keep your body going and to help prevent fatigue and bonking or ‘hitting the wall’. Our products were not designed to be used in place of a healthy diet, but were specifically designed to provide the exact right nutritional contents for before, during and after endurance sport. So when it comes to sports nutrition think of Pro4mance as a quick, convenience and efficient way to fuel your body with out all the unwanted extras.



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