When we first started to develop Pro4mance, we could never understand why all of the literature suggested we consume 60g to 90g of carbohydrates per hour, but every sports nutrition company on the market had included random quantities of carbohydrates such as 27.4g 28.3g, 23.6g etc. We felt that with this method and mindset, to track your carbohydrate intake basically required you to be a mathematician, so we decided to take control and solve this problem! We wanted to make sports nutrition easy, so we solved this issue that athletes had had for so long by manufacturing our ENTIRE Produrance range to contain 30g of carbohydrates per serve. Take a minute to have a look at the nutrition panels on each of your Produrance products; you will see the Produrance Endurance Drink has 30g of carbohydrates per serve, the Prodruance Energy Gels have 30g per serve and the new Produrance Energy Bars (these will be released in 2016, stay tuned and get excited because they taste amazing!) will also contain 30g of carbohydrates per serve. So no matter what, you always know exactly how many carbohydrates you are consuming and no longer do you need to be a maths genius while out training or racing to figure out what you have consumed! So simple when you think about it, so not sure why no one else did it until we came along?


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