Another athlete Sanctioned

It’s so sad to see another athlete receiving a substantial sanction from ASADA due to a positive sample from a contaminated product. It’s so important to only use products that have been 3rd party tested for WADA banned substances through either HASTA or Informed Sports and to be aware of ‘unethical’ manufacturers who promote WADA/ASADA compliant but do not actually batch test their products. If your products have not been batch tested, you are risking your career, reputation and ability to compete in the sport you love.

The only reason a manufacturer does not batch their products, is because they prioritize profits over athlete protection/assurance. It’s up to you as an athlete and the wider athlete community to demand every product and every batch be tested through HASTA or Informed Sports, and this starts by avoiding products that have not been batch tested.

Pro4mance batch tests our entire range of products, EVERY product, EVERY batch, FOREVER. We put our customers/athletes first, because even though we manufacturer our products in world class facilities in Australia, and only source our ingredients from the best suppliers in the world, we still batch tests our products.

To reduce the risk of testing positive, ASADA recommends athletes consider not taking supplements at all, or if required, that they choose low-risk products which have been batch tested by an independent auditing company. Help make batch testing a standard in the industry and avoid products that have not been batch tested and only purchase batch tested products.

If you want to read more about this recent ASADA case, follow the link Athlete Receives Sanction.

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