WHY DO AUSTRALIAN ATHLETES HAVE TO PAY SO MUCH FOR SPORTS NUTRITION? This is exactly what we thought. Athletes ourselves, we believe the cost of sports nutrition products in Australia have become out of hand, the big international brands have pushed […]

When ASADA comes knocking

Age-group Triathlete, Renee Kiley, never expected to be drug tested by ASADA, but it is now becoming more common for ASADA to not only test professional athletes, but amateur athletes as well. Here is Renee’s story on what happened the […]

3 Quick Tips for choosing the right helmet

1. Make sure it fits correctly Measure your head using a flexible tape measure around the largest portion of your head—about 2.5cm above your eyebrows. Or, use a string or ribbon to measure around your head, then measure the length […]

An intimate look at Produrance Energy Bars

Have you got on the #Barup bandwagon yet? If you haven’t tried our Energy Bars yet then you are missing out! Here we take a look at why they are so good, what they have in them and why and […]

3 Quick Tips for Staying hydrated in Summer

1. Use an Electrolyte hydration drink Electrolyte hydration drinks, such as Prodrate allows the body to hold more water and keep your body sufficiently hydrated 2. Take enough water or know where you can get more while out training If possible […]

An intimate look at Procover Recovery Drink

You have tried Procover, love the taste and can’t get enough of it, but what does it actually do to help your recovery? Here we take an intimate look at Procover, what it has in it and why. Procover is […]

An intimate look at Produrance Sports Drink

You may have used Produrance Sports Drink or may be thinking about giving it a try, but why is it the ideal sports drink for endurance athletes? Produrance is an isotonic sports drink, which contains everything you need to keep […]

3 Quick Tips to improve your running

1. Improve your pelvic stability Specific core stability exercises or pilates is a great way to improve your Gluts and Core muscles. Remember a strong core makes for a good stable running base, plus it can help reduce the chance of […]

Reducing the chance of cramping

Muscle cramping is an issue most athletes face at least once in their career and unfortunately it tends to occur at the most inconvenient time, such as while racing. Although the exact cause of cramping in unknown, it is believed […]

3 Quick Tips for easier travel while racing

1. Hydrate correctly If you are travelling via a plane, planes can be very dehydrating due to the constant air conditioning and heating, so make sure you drink enough water and use an electrolyte drink to help keep fluid within […]

3 Quick Tips for a better Recovery

1. Have your Recovery Drink ready to go and drink within 15mins of finishing Studies show having a recovery drink which contains carbohydrates and proteins within the first 15 mins after exercise improves your recovery significantly. So drink up that […]

3 Quick Tips to make your transition quicker

1. Practice, practice, practice! Practice makes perfect. So make sure you include in your training sessions 2. Use elastic laces Easy to slip on and not have to fuss about with laces. Just make sure they are not too loose […]